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General Engineering Degrees

The General Engineering degrees offer an ideal entry route if you intend to specialise but want to delay your decision as to which specialist course to follow until later in your studies. They also offer a route if you are one of those students who wish to design their own engineering degree course in their final year.

BEng students may choose options from across the range of modules offered to other engineering degree courses. As well as providing an opportunity for you to continue with a broad education in engineering this degree also enables MEng students to create a unique degree course tailored to suit their fourth year elective choice. This is the only degree available with any of our five electives.

A broad engineering education provides for a range of career opportunities such as project or contract management within engineering companies or it could enable you to exploit your engineering knowledge in careers such as teaching or journalism.

Subject to the selection of modules in the 3rd and 4th years this can lead to a BEng degree accredited as partially satisfying the educational base for CEng status or a MEng degree accredited as fully with one of the following satisfying the educational base for CEng status with; the Institution Engineering and Technology, the Institute of Measurement and Control or the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.


Degrees offered

3-years Full Time:

H100 BEng Engineering

4-years Full Time:

H102 MEng Engineering
H102 MEng Engineering with Business Management
H102 MEng Engineering with Communications
H102 MEng Engineering with Fluid Dynamics
H102 MEng Engineering with Robotics
H102 MEng Engineering with Sustainability

Our General Engineering degrees in more detail


5-years 3:1:1 Courses:

H102 MEng Engineering with an Intercalated Year
H102 MEng Engineering with a Year in Research