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Mechanical Engineering Degrees

From cars to robots; from aircraft to DVD players; and from power stations to medical implants, almost all man-made systems involve Mechanical Engineering in one form or another. Mechanical systems, mechanisms and machines lie at the heart of our traditional engineering industries, and the skill and techniques associated with them continue to be essential knowledge, although often used very differently to even 20 years ago. In recent years these basic skills have been extended to the areas of precision engineering, nano-technology and mechatronics.

At Warwick, Mechanical Engineers follow a programme in years 1 and 2 that introduces basic design and analysis techniques, and develops technical, business and personal skills. Subsequent years build on these elements, presenting material within the key areas of technology, design, materials, analysis and management.

Core Mechanical Engineering topics are supplemented by a range of optional modules and electives enabling students to steer their courses to suit their interests and career needs.

Modules cover topics as diverse as: the design of an aircraft wing; the computer modelling of car suspension systems; the optical gauging of a moving turbine blade; and the design of micro-electromechanical systems.

Situated close to the UK’s industrial heartland, Warwick works with many of the country’s leading companies. This collaboration fuels our research and informs our teaching, helping us to keep our courses at, or beyond, the forefront of industrial best practice.

Degrees offered

3-years Full Time:

H300 BEng Mechanical Engineering

4-years Full Time:

H302 MEng Mechanical Engineering
H302 MEng Mechanical Engineering with Business Management
H302 MEng Mechanical Engineering with Fluid Dynamics
H302 MEng Mechanical Engineering with Sustainability

Our Mechanical Engineering degrees in more detail

5-years 3:1:1 Courses:

H302 MEng Mechanical Engineering with an Intercalated Year
H302 MEng Mechanical Engineering with a Year in Research