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Student profiles


Caroline Browne

School:Saint Martins School for Girls, Solihull

After studying Maths, Physics and Biology at A-level, studying Engineering seemed a logical progression! I knew I didn't want to do straight Maths, or straight Physics, and was looking for something logical... but with real life applications. What I didn't know however was what type of Engineering I wanted to study, so I specifically looked for a course that would allow me to 'try before I buy' as it were - Warwick enabled me to carry out 1 years generic engineering, and then decide what I enjoyed the most - which turned out to be Manufacturing.

Warwick was a great place to study, and of course socialise. The campus environment, the friendly department, the hundreds of societies and sports club, all meant that life became very busy. Within Engineering the course was excellent, and there were plenty of opportunities to do courses of specific interest to you, and with that in mind I managed to do two years of French. Of course, there is also plenty of opportunity to get involved within the School of Engineering, and I became heavily involved in the University's Robot Football Team.

On finishing University, this work continued, and as a result I was asked to present the IEE Faraday Lectures, in the UK, Ireland and Asia. This was a most fantastic experience, and only made available because of my work at University.

For me, the time at Warwick was academically challenging, but continuously interesting, and very rewarding. During my time at uni I managed to do two internships - Land Rover, and IMI plc, the first in the UK, and the second in Belgium. After gaining my degree, I have continued to work for IMI plc, firstly in the UK in an innovation role, and now in Switzerland within the field of Medical Engineering. Working internationally, Warwick holds an excellent international reputation, which is hugely beneficial to me. My time at Warwick, passed all too fast.. but it's safe to say that i enjoyed it greatly.. and would definitely do it all again if I had the chance!


Hannah Cook

School: Impington Sixth Form Centre, Cambridge

Warwick was on my university shortlist because I was looking for a broad-based manufacturing degree with language options, and staff who were still connected with the real world of industry! Warwick offered all those things, plus a very positive reputation with employers, but what really convinced me was the great atmosphere on campus compared with others I visited.

When I arrived the following September I wasn't disappointed at all - Warwick is a very open, sociable place and has loads to offer beyond the academic departments. I made many good friends and particularly enjoyed playing in various student bands. I was also involved in the Christian Union, helping with Open Days and Freshers' Weeks, and making the most of the Students' Union nightlife!

I completed my MEng in 2001 and since then I have been working for Jaguar Cars in Coventry. I'm a Logistics Engineer, planning the supply of parts into our manufacturing site for a future model. My degree has proved to be an excellent foundation, particularly the understanding it gave me of current quality tools and lean production philosophy.

I had a fantastic four years at Warwick and would make exactly the same choice again.


Claire Easter

School: Nailsea, Bristol

My decision to study at Warwick was based on the flexibility of the engineering degree programme, the variety of teaching methods used and the amazing array of societies and social events offered!

So why engineering? For me it was the opportunity to study a varied and interesting subject that would give me a good grounding in technical & business management within a variety of industries. The use of individual and group project work, and industrial visits and placements was a real benefit to my study, and my future career, and this variety was the best feature of the programme.

While at Warwick I also got involved in the drama and dance societies and thoroughly enjoyed the social life both on campus and in Leamington Spa and Coventry.

Having graduated in 2001 with a MEng degree, I entered the Boots Company Graduate Scheme. In the two years I have worked for the company I have done a variety of roles within their manufacturing division including Project Management, Production Team Management, and Business Improvement. I have also spent 6 months working within the retail section to better understand the whole supply chain. I have no doubt that my decision to study Engineering at Warwick got me where I am now and I wouldn't change a thing!


Paul Price

School: Cirencester College

I chose Warwick because it consistently performed well in the league tables, had a good reputation for employment prospects and I liked the flexibility of the programme. I am now in my final year.

Practical design projects combined with company visits have provided me with valuable experience and an insight into the role of engineers. When I graduate I hope to work in research within an engineering consultancy.

Since joining Warwick I have taken up squash and windsurfing and have tried my hand at acting. I enjoy the lively club scene in Coventry and leamington and the variety of students' Union social events.

I recommend Warwick to you.


Graham Bing

School: City of London

In the sixth form at school I did A levels in Maths, Physics and French and an AS level in Design and Technology. I looked at six universities and only attended an open day at Warwick at the last minute. I was very impressed by the open attitude at the University and ended up selecting it as my first choice.

In the manufacturing degree that I took, I preferred engineering technology but was impressed by the range of modules offered, including those in management and business given by both the School of Engineering and the Warwick Business School. I completed an MEng degree in four years and graduated with 1st class honours.

While I was at the University I became interested in photography and martial arts. I initially joined student societies in both areas and eventually became the President of the Photographic Society. I also had part time jobs at the Students' Union, which helped to support the 'student lifestyle'.

Although I receivedoffers of employment folowing graduation, I chose to take a higher degree and at present I am working towards an Engineering Doctorate. Some of my colleagues now work in investment banking, IT, and believe it or not even engineering! I would advise any prospective student to choose their degree and university carefully because it was only after visiting that I had a proper feel for the place that I finally (and correctly) selected.


Janan Goh Seng Teng

School: Taylor's College, Subang Jaya, Malaysia

The first impressions of Warwick, on my arrival, were the sheer beauty of its landscape and the quality and professionalism of the staff from the International Office. But it was the Warwick students themselves that really made an impact on my life!

With an incredible mix of foreign and UK students, I learnt to widen my outlook in life by understanding the various cultural and lifestyle expectations of different people from around the world.

I could not have picked a better course in manufacturing and it has provided me with a broad background and prepared me for my career. At present I am working with a consultancy firm on an IT project for the Malaysian government. I am grateful for the many skills that I acquired in my engineering course, especially those related to project management and technical know-how.

All in all, the time at Warwick was God's gift to me for three fruitful years. I will always treasure my time there and I am certain that many other graduates will echo this.

'Semoga Berjaya' (all the best!) from Malaysia.