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Student profiles


James Smith

School: Kings College, Wimbledon Common

I started at Warwick after spending a gap year as a laboratory technician in Switzerland. I chose the course at Warwick because it is initially very broad and common to all students.

In my spare time I worked for the Technical Services Group in the Students' Union. This involved planning, rigging and operating the sound, vision and lighting equipment for the Students' Union Entertainment events. This experience helped me get my job with BBC Resources as a Graduate Project Manager, as it demonstrated that I had interests beyond my degree course.

At the moment I am halfway through a two year, IEE accredited (towards Chartered Engineer status) training scheme. The scheme involves extensive residential training (4 months) in Broadcast Engineering and hands-on work in Project Management. I am currently working on the installation of new facilities across the whole of the BBC. Typical projects I been involved with are: upgrading technical areas that manage the play-out of BBC programming; and finalising the installation of the studio used for the One, Six and Nine O'clock News.