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UCRA 2022

UCRA 2022

Conference Chairs

Prof. Evgeny Rebrov

Professor Evgeny Rebrov
University of Warwick & TU Eindhoven

Prof. Asier Unciti-Broceta

Professor Asier Unciti-Broceta
University of Edinburgh


Recent trends in heterogeneous catalysis are exceeding traditional applications in industrial reactors and expanding into new areas, such as health, personal protection, climate and energy.

Emerging catalysts operate in unconventional environments, such as living cells, ionic liquids or supercritical fluids. Also, unconventional methods for local and selective catalyst activation such as microwaves, light, plasma, ultrasounds or magnetic fields, are explored, aiming to provide the energy needed directly to the catalyst, replacing the traditional, fossil fuel-based reactor heating. This is accompanied by the development of new, unconventional catalyst manufacturing technologies and reactor concepts.

Catalysis “beyond the reactor” presents a research area, in which interdisciplinary collaborations between the classical catalysis science, chemical and materials engineering, physics, electrical engineering, energy technology, biology or medicine play crucial role. The aim of this conference is to bring together representatives of those collaborating disciplines to provide insights on the latest developments and to help map the future of this exciting research area.

The draft conference program can be found hereLink opens in a new window

Authors presenting at the UCRA2022 will be encouraged to submit their work for publication at a special issue in Catalysis TodayLink opens in a new window (IF=6.766) as well as in Catalysis Science & Technology Link opens in a new window(IF=6.119), Reaction Chemistry and EngineeringLink opens in a new window (IF=4.239) and Molecular Systems Design & Engineering (MSDE)Link opens in a new window (IF=4.935).

The 1st UCRALink opens in a new window Conference was held in Zaragoza in October 2019.

Call for Abstracts

The abstract submission for oral presentations is now closed.

It is still possible to submit an abstract for a poster presentation till 15 June 2022. Register as an author and upload an abstract using the link below...

UCRA 2022 Abstract Submission portalLink opens in a new window

Conference Sponsors

Conference Venue

Woodland Grange
Leamington Spa
CV32 6RN
United Kingdom