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Exhibitor & Sponsor Prospectus


After a long year of online meetings, restricted or no travel, and limited access to new technologies, ideas, and innovation, UCRA 2022 will provide you with the attendee access and contacts you need to build new and improve existing relationships. From visibility to credibility, being there has its perks! Attendees come looking for new ideas and solutions. Be there to help them. Exhibiting and sponsoring strengthens your brand — a big part of business success!

Who you will meet at UCRA2022

  • Academia 55%
  • PhD students 30%
  • Industry 10%
  • Other 5%

We expect around 140 delegates. In the first 2 months, the conference website has been visited from more than 7,000 distinct IP addresses which shows a high interest from research community to the conference topics.

Our delegates are interested in at least one of the following topics:

  • Unconventional preparation methods: sono-chemical, plasma-induced material synthesis,
  • Application of non-thermal plasma for activation of small molecules (CO2, N2, CH4),
  • 3D printing of structured supports and catalysts,
  • Electrification of chemical industry,
  • Development of unconventional plasmonic materials,
  • Microwave and inductive heating of chemical reactors,
  • Photo/Electro-Chemistry combined processes,
  • Artificial metalloenzymes and catalysis in living cells.

The UCRA conference provides companies excellent targeting opportunities, as delegates are typically facing immediate challenges relating to the specific topic of the event. If you supply services or equipment is related to the UCRA topic, you won’t have to fight to distinguish yourself from the mass at a large exhibition.

Conference media partners:

  • Institute of chemical engineers (IChemE),
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC),
  • European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE),
  • Netherlands Institute for Catalysis Research (NIOK),
  • Elsevier,
  • MDPI.

Conference Sponsorship Packages

We offer a number of conference packages, ranging from deals giving you exclusive thought leadership, branding and speaking opportunities,through to cost effective exhibition stand and literature distribution.


Option Description
1 Web presence Company logo and a link on the conference website. The website is advertised on the IChemE, RSC, NIOK, EFCE event calendars and daily visited by 100+ unique visitors. In the first 60 days, section “Plenaries & Keynotes” has been visited from more than 7,000 distinct IP addresses. During the 4-month marketing period, the website will be regularly promoted on RSC Twitter (9,500 subscribers)
2 Email branding Company logo and link on conference marketing emails. Sent regularly with conference updates throughout the 4-month marketing period to 1000+ contacts.
3 Free conference passes and free access to high-speed Wi-Fi, conference dinner & welcome reception For your team and special guests. The exact number depends on the Sponsorship packages you have chosen: 2 for basic, 3 for Gold, Platinum and Palladium, 4 for Full package. See the description of all packages below.
4 Reduced rate booking prices A 25% discount on an accommodation in the conference (4-star) hotel during the conference period (optional).
5 Book of abstracts branding Company logo and company information on the book of abstracts distributed among the delegates. Inserts of an A5 flyer into the delegates packs.
6 Exhibition stand Stands are placed where the delegates break for coffee, lunch and networking opportunities. We limit the number of exhibitors to four in order to try to give each company plenty of time with the delegates.
7 Promotions at the conference Splash slides to play on a loop between sessions. On-site signage (company logo at the conference banners: at the entrance to the venue and in all parallel sessions). Note: A 10% surcharge is incurred if artwork isn’t received by September 4, printing deadline
8 E-mail list of delegates If you miss talking to anyone you can get in touch later. We state clearly in our T&C for delegates that their information may be passed to sponsors directly involved in the event, therefore there are no data protection issues preventing us from passing on contact details to paying sponsors.

A Basic package includes options 1-4. Price: £1000

A Gold package includes also one additional option (either 5, 6, 7 or 8). Price: £2000

A Platinum package includes any two additional options (5, 6, 7 or 8). Price: £3000

A Palladium package includes any three additional options (5, 6, 7 or 8). Price: £4000

The best option is to enjoy the benefits of a Full package (options 1-8). Price: £5000.

In addition, a representative of your organization could talk on the issues involved with the conference during the opening or closing ceremonies and in one of parallel sessions. There is a possibility to get involved in the award ceremony for the best poster and oral presentations among PhD students and to present diplomas and cash awards to the laureates. Also this package includes wide roller banners (max 3, see below). This can raise awareness of your brand among delegates and position your organization as a thought-leader. Our delegates will be interested to hear first-hand experiences from industrial participants.

Additional options: Increase Brand awareness

Wide roller banners

Price: £500 (price does not include production and labor charges and already included in the Full package)

Advertise your company on a wide roller banner in a high-traffic public area of the conference centre. Use creative graphics, hashtags, or QR codes to personalize the experience and increase lead counts! Location to be selected with show management. Multiple locations available in Lobbies. Make an impression as attendees first enter the convention centre with this highly visible lobby banner.

Photo of wide roller banners

UCRA 2022

Conference Sponsors

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For general questions and pricing information for additional services please contact Mr Matt Phillips at 
☏ +44 24 7652 23862

For logistical questions or venue information, please contact Mrs Megan Bentley:
☏ +44 7449 064 548

For a possibility to speak at the opening ceremony and/or in one of parallel sessions, please contact Prof Evgeny Rebrov
☏ +44 24 7652 2202