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Conference Topics

Scientific contributions are invited addressing the following topics (examples of subjects are given below but they are not meant to restrict other emerging concepts):

  1. Unconventional catalyst synthesis and manufacturing methods

    • Novel catalyst preparation methods: sonochemical preparation, plasma-induced preparation, laser-induced preparation, MW-assisted in situ methods, plant- and bio- assisted methods, preparation and stabilization of catalytic clusters, ALD, etc.
    • Hierarchically designed catalysts for selective encapsulation/selection/trapping of targeted molecules/ added value products, etc.
    • Novel supports: catalysts on paper, 3D-printed supports, natural structures as catalytic supports, smart membranes and thin films, etc.
  2. Advanced design synthesis

    • Machine-learning in catalyst synthesis,
    • Automated methods, fabrication based on theoretical predictions of catalytic systems
  3. Plasmonic catalysts and light/laser/LED activation

    • Catalysis over unconventional plasmonic materials (TiN, etc)
  4. Electrification of chemical industry

    • Resistive/inductive heating
    • Plasma-assisted catalysis
  5. Catalysis in unconventional environments

    • Heterogeneous catalysis in living systems (cells, organisms)
    • Artificial metalloenzymes
    • Nanocatalysts for intracellular catalysis
    • Bio-orthogonal catalysis
  6. Photo/Electro/Sono-Chemistry combined processes

  7. Forced periodic operation

    • Periodic modulation of temperature, flow rate, or concentration
    • Oscillatory baffled reactors and crystallizers
  8. Catalysis under specific conditions (cavitation, magnetic fields, high pressure)

    • Catalyst deposited on walls, glass, street lamps, furniture, textiles, etc., for indoor and outdoor air purification
    • Catalysis in urban environment. Distributed, self-activable, self-powered catalytic reactors