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Plenaries and Keynotes


  • Prof. Andrzej Stankiewicz, TU Delft, The Netherlands
    "Catalysis and reactors in decarbonisation. Is there room for unconventionality?
  • Prof. Peter J Sadler, Warwick University, UK
    "Catalytic metallodrugs"

  • Prof. Jesus Santamaria, University Zaragoza, Spain
    "Designing catalysts to operate in the tumor microenvironment: Catalytic starvation therapy and ROS generation"
  • Prof. Dionisios Vlachos, University of Delaware, USA
    "Artificial intelligence for catalyst and reactor design: Meeting sustaiability and circularity"


  • Prof. Claude de Bellefon, University of Lyon - CPE Lyon, Lyon, France
    "Handling demanding multiphase reactions in intensified reactors" 
  • Prof. Annemie Bogaerts, University of Antwerp, Belgium
    "Plasma chemistry and reactor design: Modeling for improved performance"
  • Prof. Chris Hardacre, University of Manchester, UK
    "Plasma Catalysis towards Net Zero"

  • Prof. Volker Hessel, University of Adelaide, SA, Australia
    "Microplasma jet-enabled gas-liquid synthesis of N-doped carbon quantum dots and potential as nanofertilisers"
  • Prof. Anja Palmans, TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    "Catalytically active single-chain polymeric nanoparticles in cells"
  • Prof. Gerard Roelfes, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
    "Designer enzymes featuring abiological catalytic sites"

  • Prof. Gabriele Centi, University of Messina, Italy
    "Plasmonic catalysis at room temperature"
  • Prof. Menka Petkovska, University of Belgrade, Serbia
    "Periodically operated chemical reactors - evaluation, development and optimization using nonlinear frequency response analysis"

  • Prof. Adam Harvey, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyle, UK
    "Novel designs of laboratory scale ‘flow chemistry’ oscillatory baffled reactor for process development and intensification"
  • Prof. Asterios Gavriilidis, University College London, UK
    "Membrane millifluidic reactors for multiphase reactions"
  • Prof. Simon Kuhn, KU Leuven, Belgium
    "Exploiting ultrasound resonance to enhance photo- and electrochemical processes”