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Presenter's Information

Relevant Information for Speakers

  • The authors must bring their presentations on a USB and pre-load them directly in the laptops provided by the organisers in the assigned Conference Room (A or B) at the beginning of each conference day. Each room is equipped with large LCD monitors therefore the presentations should be prepared in a widescreen (16:9) format.
  • No individual laptops will be allowed for presentations. All contributors are kindly requested to check their presenting room and be there at least 15 minutes before the session begins. The presenters are kindly asked to introduce themselves to the Session Chair.
  • Presentations should not exceed the time allocated. Keeping to the time limit is crucial to allow delegates to move from one session to another.
  • Any presentation containing movies or video clips will require a copy of the video file (mp4 recommended). Presentation formats must be uploaded as PowerPoint files, including those presentations created on Apple Macintosh computers.
  • When choosing fonts for your presentation please ensure they are supported by Microsoft Office.

Relevant Information for Chairpersons

Chairpersons are kindly requested to:

  • Keep the sessions to the time allocated
  • Give brief introductions on the speakers and their presented work
  • Facilitate discussion by asking a number of pertinent questions, if necessary
  • Be in the room with enough time in advance (at least 15 minutes) before the session begins and introduce themselves to the speakers
  • If a presenter ends early or does not attend, please use the extra time for questions and remarks from the audience, the panel or yourselves. Please make sure that the following presentation is not started earlier than scheduled.
  • In floor discussion, it is recommended to ask the participants to introduce themselves and repeat the questions to be sure that all the audience has heard

Relevant Information for Poster Session

Dimensions for posters: A0 841 mm x 1189 mm

All posters can be displayed after the morning coffee break and must be removed at the end of the Poster Session on Thursday at 18.30. Upon arrival, required material for posting will be provided. Additional space will be available for storing the posters at the end of the session until the following day, if required. A member of the Local organising committee will be available at the front desk for poster enquiries on the Poster Session day.

Assistance on site

Organising staff will be all wearing orange conference polo shirts onsite to help for their easier identification. The registration desk will be staffed during the conference hours. If you have any questions please speak to one of those staff members.

Congress badges will be mandatory for admission and access to the allocated rooms. Please wear your badge visibly at all times.