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Merit Scholarships

We are proud to announce up to twenty scholarships available to first year undergraduate students studying Engineering at Warwick who join us in 2019.

Further information:

- Each scholarship consists of £1,000 financial assistance

- There is no need to make a separate application, the shortlisting is part of our applications process

- The scholarships are open to all students who hold the School of Engineering University of Warwick as their firm/first choice and commence studies in 2019

- The shortlisting process considers the entire UCAS profile, with emphasis on the highest grades of entry

- The scholarships cannot be held at the same time with Women in Engineering or Warwick Engineering International Scholarships

- The scholarships are considered independently of other means tested offerings, such as bursaries, Multicultural Scholars Programme or Warwick Scholars Programme

- The scholarships are considered and awarded by the end of February 2020