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The Year of Engineering 2018

The Year of Engineering 2018

The Year of Engineering is a government campaign which celebrates the world and wonder of engineering. From spaceships to ice skates, the bubbles in chocolate bars to lifesaving cancer treatment, engineering touches every part of our lives.

Working in engineering is exciting, rewarding and creative. We need the next generation of innovators and problem solvers to join the industry and help shape the future of the world we live in.

There are lots of different routes into a career in engineering, including a university qualification or an apprenticeship. You can take a closer look at what life in engineering is like in 2018 by visiting a wide range of organisations, meeting engineers in school or arranging work experience.

Find out what’s happening near you, visit or search #YoE on Twitter.

Engineering Day at Warwick


The Warwick Engineering Day is to celebrate engineering in its many forms and showcase the work at the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick.

At Warwick we teach and do research in a broad range of general engineering disciplines - this includes electrical, mechanical, civil, systems and biomedical to name just a few. If you are curious to know what each is about there will be activities reflecting all of these strands so do come and interact and ask!


Here is the Warwick Racing team Race Simulator which will also be on display at Engineering Day!


One of the nicest things about the School of Engineering is the diversity of the engineering we undertake - and as a consequence our research. One of the many Student Group projects that will be on display at Engineering Day will be the Warwick Submarine - a pedal powered submarine that Warwick builds/upgrades each year and competes with internationally. This will be on display (assuming it is not in pieces still!) and some related activities around it. It's a mean looking machine and amazing that it is pedal powered!!

Remember these? Fancy a go? We have our very own Sinclair C5 for Engineering Day and if we are not buried under 2 feet of snow you will be able to have a little ride in one.


I wonder how many people have tried out a good Virtual Realty demo? Well on the 17th March we will have our very own virtual reality stand as part of engineering day. So pop down if you want to take a look!!


There will be stands, activities, lab tours the competitions: bridge building tunnelling and biomedical engineering, not to mention engine disassembly (and reassembly!)