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Individual Project Report Submission

Students should write up the findings of their Individual Project as if preparing to submit them as a research paper. This does not imply that a publishable body of impactful work should have been completed! Instead the point is to learn how to structure and present your work as a narrative. The writeup should be around 5-10 pages, formatted as if for submission to a journal, and should contain a similar level of detail in the background and introduction to a typical research paper in its field.

That implies the following sections:

i) a relatively light literature review with key references and background motivation that underpin the paper

ii) a methodology section that refers to other published work where appropriate, rather than trying to explain everything from scratch

iii) a detailed results and discussion section that highlights and explains key findings

iv) conclusions and plans for further work.

Supervisors are requested to keep the level of proof-reading of text to a minimum but to advise on contents, presentation of graphs etc. The report will form the basis of discussion in the viva, and we would be delighted if students then continued to expand on the work such that it was eventually published!

The report should contain supplementary material detailing steps to enable full reproduction of a result from the work. This could entail downloading a ‘protocol’ script from an online repository (note: this does not have to be made public), compiling or locating binaries for any packages required, and running it on SCRTP hardware. This can involve HPC calculations but these should be possible within moderate computational resources available to anyone in the CDT.

Your final report should be uploaded via this page by Friday 28th August 2020.

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