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Laptop Receipt and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

I confirm that I have received a Dell laptop from the HetSys CDT.

Terms and Conditions:

The laptop is for use during the registration period of your PhD in the HetSys CDT.

You are required to comply with all regulations governing the use of University computing facilities:

The laptop is under warranty and support is available through the University’s IT Services:

Should any faults, errors or viruses occur, you are required to contact the University’s IT Services for assistance.

You are responsible for safeguarding this laptop against theft and/or damage.

Any loss or damage must be reported at the time it occurs to the HetSys CDT:

The laptop remains the property of the University of Warwick at all times.

You are required to return the laptop to the HetSys CDT at the end of the registration period of your PhD, or on withdrawal from the course.

Please tick the box to confim your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Please tick the box to confim your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Privacy statement
The personal data supplied in this form will be used to record your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for receipt of a laptop at the University of Warwick. It may also be shared with other departments within the University of Warwick. Data held by the department is also subject to the central University Data Protection Policy, which can be viewed at:
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