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Python Induction

This is a set of links to online tutorials for you to carry out some self-guided learning of the Python programming language. Python is crucial to several of the core HetSys training modules, and we find a lot of our students are already familiar with it to some degree. If you are not, or if you want to develop your knowledge further, the vacation before you join us is an ideal time to learn. This material is designed to be completed at your own pace.

In the first weeks of the PX913 module, you will have some lectures on Python which will consolidate your understanding, but these will assume you have studied introductory material and have got some practical experience with the basic functionality of things like loops, datatypes such as lists and dictionaries, calling and defining functions and importing modules.

  1. Simple Python tutorial - ensure you are using Python 3.x - 
  2. Jupyter/NumPy tutorial