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Grant and Advisory Panels

Funder Panel/Committee Academic
BBSRC Agriculture and Food Security Strategy Advisory Panel Laura Green
BBSRC Animal Welfare Research Network Steering Group
Laura Green
BBSRC Animal Health Research Club (ARC) Strategy Panel Laura Green
BBSRC Committee A Yuriy Pankratov
BBSRC Committee B Eric Holub, Richard Napier
BBSRC Committee C Jose Gutierrez-Marcos
BBSRC Crop Improvement Club Steering Committee Graham Teakle
BBSRC Industrial Case Studentships Panel Gary Bending
BBSRC Pool of Experts Gary Bending, Dave Chandler, Yin Chen,
John Clarkson, Andrew Easton, Jose Gutierrez-Marcos, Alfonso Jaramillo, Richard Napier, Yuriy Pankratov, David Roper
Centrum regionu Haná (Czech Republic) International Advisor & Review Board Richard Napier
Epilepsy Research UK Scientific Advisory Panel Bruno Frenguelli
EPSRC Bioenergy Panel Orkun Soyer
Innovate UK Agritech Catalyst Panel Gary Bending, Laura Green, Richard Napier
Marie-Curie ITN Steering Committtee Orin Courtenay
MRC Infection & Immunity Research Board Chris Dowson
NERC Antimicrobial Resistance Steering Group Liz Wellington
NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility Steering Committee Dave Scanlan
NERC Capital Equipment Fund Panel Gary Bending
NERC Consortium Grants Panel Dave Scanlan
NERC Fellowships Panel Liz Wellington
NERC Panel E Hendrik Schäfer
NERC Peer Review College Gary Bending, Dave Scanlan, Hendrik Schäfer, Liz Wellington
NERC/BBSRC Soil Security Programme Panel Gary Bending
RCUK Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative Theme 3 Panel Liz Wellington
RHS Science Committee Rosemary Collier
Royal Society Fellowships Panel Jose Gutierrez-Marcos
Royal Society International Exchange Panel Christophe Corre, Munehiro Asally
Newton Newton International Exchanges Christophe Corre
Wellcome Trust PhD Programmes Committee Laura Green