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School of Life Sciences Governance

Action Points Overview & Tracker Status Next Step Post Holder Responsible & Deadline Date Completed Date Last Reviewed
Standing item on anti-racism for all SLS Committees Agreed by Head of School Committee Chairs and Secretaries to be notified Martin Mik (15 July)    
Standing item on anti-racims for SSLC (SLS & University) Agreed by Head of School Consultation with current SLS SSLC Chairs and SU SSC Team   Agreed by SLS SSLC Chairs by 10 July 2020  
Athena SWAN Committee - review Ongoing Committee members being consulted on proposals; review discussed on 22 July; all SLS students & staff invited to express interest in supporting Committee work (September School Newsletter) Chair of Athena SWAN Committee; deadline for expressions of interest in being involved in the Athena SWAN Committee work: 16 October 2020    

To ensure that our efforts to identify and address racism within the School's processes and procedures are embedded across all areas of activity, we are introducing a new standing item for all School committees:

1) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

a) Anti-racism

Committees are able to add aditional areas of ED&I, but the anti-racist item is a minimum requirement and cannot be removed, providing all committees with a regular update on our activities, but giving members a direct opportunity to questions, comment and make suggestions. This requirement applies to the following School committees with immediate effect, or from the start of the academic year 2020-21 if no meetings are planned in Summer 2020:

  • Undergraduate Teaching Management Committee (UTMC)
  • Postgraduate Taught Teaching Management Committee (PTMC)
  • Postgraduate Research Teaching Management Committee (PRMC)
  • Teaching Strategy Committee (TSC)
  • Research Strategy Committee
  • Research Management Committee
  • SLS Management
  • Athena SWAN
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • IT Services Committee
  • Staff Meeting

The School also proposes to introduce the above standing item to the agenda of all our Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLC). SSLCs are run by students and so it will be up to each SSLC to consider and agree this proposal at their next meeting. The School has approached the Students' Union to suggest that such standing item be introduced to all SSLCs across the University.

The Life Sciences Athena SWAN Committee is currently reviewing its remit and way of operating. A focus on anti-racism will be included. Further update will be published here following the next meeting of the Committee (scheduled for late July 2020).

Deputy Head of School giving a presentation