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Teaching and Learning

Action Points Overview & Tracker Status Next Step Post Holder Responsible & Deadline Date Completed Date Last Reviewed
All Chairs of SLS T&L Committees to complete Understanding Race Bias (coming soon) & Unconscious Bias (available now) training Agreed as mandatory by Head of School Committee Chairs to complete the training (completion will be monitored by the School)

Individual Committee Chairs

5 October 2020


All SLS staff to complete Understanding Race Bias (coming soon) & Unconscious Bias (available now) training Agreed as mandatory by Head of School Reminder to be included in August SLS Newsletter. Completion will be monitored by the School.

All SLS staff

5 October 2020



Please help us identify specific processes and/or procedures within the Teaching and Learning area that need addressing by using our Feedback Form. All submissions received by the end of August 2020 will be included in our first draft action plan, which will be shared with the School in mid-September 2020.


While the University is developing its dedicated anti-racism training, all SLS staff are required to complete Understanding Race Bias and Unconscious Bias modules via Moodle by 5 October 2020. Completion (within the last 12 months from 5 October) will be monitored by the School. The Unconscious Bias module was designed for staff on recruitment panels, but many of the lessons have a wider application. PGR students are invited to take both modules too.

Organisational Development make further courses available via their webpages. The University also arranged a series of dates for staff to attend webinars aimed at combatting racism in the workplace ('Be an Active Bystander' and 'Combating Micro-Incivilities'), which can be booked online.

All students are encouraged to take a Moodle course on University Values.

Further training opportunities for students and staff will be advertised as soon as they become available.

Anti-Racist Pedagogy

The Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Process in HE Learning Circle run via Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA) offers support to staff on making their modules anti-racist. Please refer to our Resources section for anti-racist / decolonising curriculum pedagogy literature.

Group of students being taught in SLS teaching lab
Male and female students in a tutorial