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Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

Studies to advance our understanding of bacteria are helping us to tackle the global challenge of antibiotic resistance through the development of new antimicrobial drugs.

E.Coli Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance
The pipeline for antibiotic discovery is all but dry with global pharmaceuticals market failing to produce drugs to respond to unmet medical needs. There is an urgent need for new approaches to old targets (that are known to work) and to provide wholly new solutions. We focus our activities on developing multiple targets that can be hit simultaneously by a single inhibitor. The classic example of this is penicillin that targets multiple penicillin-binding-proteins (PBPs) involved in cell wall biosynthesis. We have developed multidisciplinary teams to produce wholly new assays to probe PBP activity as well as new assays for tRNA synthetase activity. We recognise the need to work closely with industry and to equip the next generation of researchers in the multidisciplinary skills, insight and inspiration to take this important challenge on.