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The podcasts below focus on research from Biological Sciences and Warwick HRI. On 1 October 2010 these departments amalgamated to form the School of Life Sciences.

Responding to Water Scarcity

11:17, Thu 21 Feb 2013

Growers in the UK are having to get used to managing with less water. Changing climate patterns mean that techniques long established in Southern Europe are now being adapted for use further north. Dr Jim Monaghan (Harper Adams University College) is leading research at Warwick HRI on Dynamic Fertigation, an irrigation system that not only saves water and fertilizer but also automatically respond to five day weather forecasts. Length: 15 minutes. (2009)

(MP3 format, 14:58, 14 MB)


Producing antibodies in plants

11:15, Thu 21 Feb 2013

Dr Lorenzo Frigerio from Warwick's Biological Sciences Department talks about the Wellcome Trust Translation Award he has received to enable him to validate his lab based work on increased yield of antibody production within plant cells using complete plants in order to show industrial scale manufacture is possible. Length: 19 minutes. (2009)

(MP3 format, 18:37, 17 MB)


Modelling the spread of foot and mouth infection

11:13, Thu 21 Feb 2013

Matthew Vernon discusses his work modelling the spread of infections such as foot and mouth in cattle and how these models can inform the response to an outbreak. (2009)

(MP3 format, 14:14, 13 MB)


Saving the British strawberry

11:11, Thu 21 Feb 2013

Researchers at Warwick HRI describe a project which could help to prevent the disappearance of UK grown strawberries due to changes in the weather by helping farmers combat the effects of climate change. (2009)

(MP3 format, 11:16, 10 MB)


Fungal footbaths could save the honey bee

11:05, Thu 21 Feb 2013

Globally, the honey bee population is in decline. This has serious implications for the cross pollination of commercial crops and wild plants. One of the major causes of this decline is the Varroa Destructor mite. However, researchers at Warwick University may have found a natural solution to this problem. Dr Dave Chandler from Warwick HRI explains how. (2009)

(MP3 format, 11:36, 11 MB)


Protecting Indian Ocean Coral reefs

10:44, Thu 21 Feb 2013

Professor Charles Sheppard from Biological Sciences, talks to Peter Dunn about his research into the biogeography and biodiversity of Indo-Pacific coral reefs, including the development of wide scale reef monitoring programmes. (2010)

(MP3 format, 16:05, 15 MB)