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Andrew Murphy

andrew murphy


School of Life Sciences
University of Warwick

Tel: 024 765 22431



Phosphorous is an essential element for all life. Plant growth is often limited by phosphate availability, and so currently, agriculture is dependent upon the application of rock phosphate fertiliser, a non-renewable resource, to soil. Improvements to this process are needed to increase the productivity of agricultural land while minimising the environmental impact of phosphate pollution in rivers and oceans, in order to feed an expanding population.

Our work focuses on the mechanisms by which rhizosphere bacteria contribute to phosphate cycling from insoluble and organic forms of P, to ‘available’ inorganic phosphate that plants can use. In particular we focus on the phosphate bioavailability repertoire of bacterial genera enriched in the rhizosphere of the crop plant Brassica napus (Oilseed Rape). We have investigated the response of these bacteria to phosphate stress in vitro using exoproteomics, and we intend to investigate the response of the B. napus rhizosphere to phosphate stress in situ using meta-omic techniques.


BSc. Biology 1st Class honours - University of York

MRes Functional Genomics Pass with Distinction - University of York





Research Themes:

Environmental Bioscience