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Dr Emma Monaghan


Emma Monaghan 


Office B142

School of Life Sciences

University of Warwick

Tel: +44(0)24 765 75862



Research Interests

I graduated from the University of Warwick in 2009 with a BSc in Biological Sciences with microbiology which is where my interest in how bacteria function and cause infection initially began. I went on to complete a research-based MSc in which I worked on developing multiplex PCRs to detect bacterial pathogens associated with causing infections in sheep udders. In 2014, I completed my PhD research which used molecular-based whole community approaches to gain a deeper insight into the sheep mammary gland microbiome and the correlations between its composition and the disease status of the animal. Since completing my PhD I have been working as a post doctoral scientist in the area of animal health and welfare.


BSc in Biological Sciences with Microbiology. University of Warwick
MSc by research. University of Warwick
PhD. University of Warwick

Member, Society for General Microbiology
Member, British Society for Animal Science.

MSc student writing mentor and Post Graduate facilitator, School of Life Sciences.

Writing mentor, Realising Opportunities, University of Warwick.

Research Projects

I am a research assistant, working alongside Professor Laura Green, Dr Kevin Purdy, Professor Matt Keeling and Dr Jolene Atia on a BBSRC Animal Research Council project investigating the role of Dichelobacter nodosus in footrot in sheep. My research interests revolve around persistent bacterial infections in animals, microbiome studies and bacterial disease prevention and treatment in farm animals.

I am also working on a BBSRC seed award to investigate the commerical potential of serogroup specific vaccines for footrot in sheep in the UK.


Smith, E.M., Monaghan, E.M., Huntley, S. and Green, L.E. (2011). Preliminary investigation into the effect of freezing and a cryopreservant on the recovery of mastitis pathogens from ewes' milk. Journal of Dairy Science, Vol.94 (No.10). pp. 4850-4855.

Atia, J., Monaghan, E.M., Kaler, J., Purdy, K., Green, L.G., Keeling, M. (2017). Mathematical modeling of ovine footrot in the UK: the effect of Dichelobacter nodosus and Fusobacterium necrophorum on the disease dynamics. Epidemics:

Research Themes:

Environmental Bioscience