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Aurore Lison



Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher


Life Sciences
University of Warwick

Research Interests

I am graduated from the University of Namur (Belgium) with the highest mention in "Master in Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology" in June 2015.

During my master years: - I worked one year in a laboratory of immunology and microbiology, to set up and characterize the intradermic infection of pathogenic bacteria Brucella in a mice model.
- I followed a fourth-months internship in the Institute Pasteur of French Guiana on the topic "Immunity of leishmaniasis", particularly on the co-infection with the Leishmania RNA virus on human tissues samples.

Since July 2015, I work at the University of Warwick on a Marie Sklodowska-Curie project (European Commission) for leishmaniasis control. The project concerns new methods to identify Leishmania super-spreaders in modelling targeted control. The main objectives are to test novel antigens to improve the specificity of a serological test, and to use novel data to improve mathematical models in order to predict the potential efficacy of new antigens to reduce transmission.

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Research Themes:

Biomedical Science