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Dr Adrian Lloyd

Job Title
Associate Professor (Research Focussed)
Life Sciences
Title Funder Award start Award end
MRC UK China Hubs MRC 01 Jan 2019 31 Mar 2022
Mechanistic understanding of cell wall biosynthesis to combat antimicrobial resistance: Cell Wall AMR MRC 01 Jul 2015 28 Aug 2021
Multi-Targetting of tRNA synthetases: A paradigm shift in combating AMR MRC 01 Mar 2015 30 Nov 2017
Team CanUK: Novel antibacterial targets, assays, probes and opportunities in bacterial cell wall biogenesis MRC 01 Jan 2012 31 Dec 2015
BBSRC Link with Astra Zeneca:Reagents and assays to exploit the final steps of peptidoglycan construction BBSRC 01 Aug 2013 31 Jul 2015
The biochemical characterisation of pivotal enzymes involved in mycobacterial peptidoglycan biosynthesis Birmingham-Warwick PG grant MRC 01 May 2011 30 Apr 2014
Unesco- loreal Visiting Fellowship for Vita Majce UNESCO 01 May 2012 30 Apr 2013
Exploration and translational exploitation of mycobacterial cell wall synthesis and regulation Medical Research Fund of Warwick 01 Feb 2010 31 Jan 2011
UK - BaCWAN: UK-Bacterial Cell Wall Assembly Network MRC 01 Apr 2006 31 Mar 2008
Exploration and Exploitation of the Enzymology of PBP Driven Peptidoglycan Biosynthesis to Discover Novel Non-beta Lactam Antibiotics MRC 01 Mar 2005 29 Feb 2008