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Research Facilities

Laboratory Facilities

The research group is based at Chemical Biology Research Facility (CBRF) with in The Department of Chemistry. CBRF is a purpose-built £1M laboratory and office complex that was opened in October 2009, which underwent expansion and renovations in the summer of 2016. CBRF has outstanding research facilities at the interface of Chemistry and Biology with an integrated Biology and Chemistry laboratories for Chemical biology research. CBRF has bench/office space for more than 50 researchers. The facility contains a spacious cold room and laboratories for growth of biosafety level 1 & 2 microorganisms, two dedicated instrument laboratories, radiochemistry laboratory, dark room etc.

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As part of CBRF and department of chemistry, we have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, including: Bruker 700 and 500 MHz NMR spectrometers; Bruker MaXis, MaXis Impact and MaXis II UHPLC-ESI-Q-TOF, and Bruker Autoflex and Ultraflex Extreme MALDI-TOF high resolution mass spectrometers, Varian GC-MS instruments, agilent analytical and preparative HPLC instruments etc. Along with other instruments for protein purification (aerobic/anaerobic) and analysis (such as Akta Purifiers, UV-Vis Spectrophotomers, glove boxes) equipment for chemical synthesis and separation including fully equipped fume hood cabinets, rotary evaporators etc are available on site. As our group is funded via Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre (WISB), we have access to Research Technology Facilities (RTF) within WISB. Access to dedicated Macromolecular Crystallisation Facility is available via School of Life Sciences which houses the protein and biological macromolecule X-ray crystallographic analysis infrastructure