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Dr Dieter Hackenberg

Job Title
Research Fellow
Life Sciences
Research Interests

Plant viruses are a major limiting factor for crop production worldwide. Viral diseases can cause yield losses up to 100%. Natural plant resistance genes provide non-chemical options in controlling plant viruses, reducing the amount of pesticide inputs to crops. As a member of the Plant-Virus Interactions Group, my research focusses on the identification and characterisation of plant resistance genes to Turnip mosaic virus (TuMV) and Turnip yellow virus (TuYV) in Brassica species. In particular, I am interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying TuMV andTuYV infections and how viruses can overcome resistance, with the aim of developing durable resistance for plant breeding.


Ph.D., Plant Molecular Biology. Humboldt University Berlin, 2011
Diplom, Biology. Humboldt University Berlin, 2004

Research Themes:

Plant and Crop Science