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Professor D James Nokes





Life Sciences
University of Warwick
Tel: 76524550
WebLink: Kemri

Research Interests

We have a programme of research that focuses on the investigation of patterns of infection of viruses of medical importance (eg measles, rubella, hepatitis B and respiratory syncytial viruses), predominantly in developing countries (Ethiopia and Kenya). The central objectives are to develop understanding of the factors determining infection dynamics, in relation to host behaviour and demography, and parasite strain structure, and to provide a framework for optimising the design of control programmes. Projects involve a combination of data collection (eg community based sampling of serum, saliva and respiratory fluids), laboratory analysis (serology and molecular genotyping) and mathematical and statistical modelling. Field projects are currently underway in Ethiopia and Kenya. The research is multidisciplinary and collaborative, with applications to public health policy.

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Research Themes:

Biomedical Science