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Jameson Phage Laboratory

The work in the Jameson lab stems from the bacterial metabolism of carnitine and choline by human pathogens and production of disease-related trimethylamine (TMA) and the use of phages to mitigate this process. Previous work has characterised the novel enzymes responsible for TMA formation and determining the key microbes responsible for TMA formation. This led to the discovery that Enterobacteriaceae, common in human gut, harbor both carnitine and choline pathways for TMA formation. Current research in this lab is investigating targeted Klebsiella phage-therapy to reduce the incidence of disease. We have supplied phages for phage crowdsourcing to treat antibiotic-resistant infections.

The Jameson lab is offering reproducible, standardised tests to investigate phages as targeted bactericidal agents. Also available are optimised phage methods to investigate interactions with other antimicrobials and phage, dose, toxicity gene screening, host-range, robustness and virulence.

Science sessions for primary schools:



Current lab members:

Dr Eleanor Townsend - technician

Lucy Gannon - PhD student based at the University of Leicester

Lucy Kelly - MIBTP PhD student

Joshua Box - NERC PhD student

George Muscatt - SynBio DTP

Phage roles

Phage 4 K. variicola Phage 34, K. pneumoniae Jameson Phage logo