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Jameson Phage Laboratory

Practical applications of phages

We research how bacteriophages (viruses that infect and kill only bacteria) influence bacterial community structure and function. Bacteriophages are vitally important members of microbial communities which outnumber bacteria 10 to 1. They drive bacterial turnover, responsible for 50% of all bacterial deaths. The Jameson lab seeks to harness these attributes to engineer microbial communities. We seek to remove pathogens and prevent harmful or costly biofilms and biofouling. Our work contributes to the University strategies of Education and Research Innovation.

The Jameson lab research spans:

  • Environmental microbiology
  • Medical microbiology
  • Applied microbiology and phage therapy.

Environmental microbiology: Phages in soils and freshwater processing. This research seeks to understand phage-host ecology with the aim to understand how phages can affect crop production and reduce the amount of chemicals needed in water processing.

Medical microbiology: This work focuses on the WHO priority pathogen Klebsiella which exhibits high levels of antibiotic resistance and is increasingly prevalent in Europe, particularly hospital acquired infections that are difficult to treat with standard treatments. We are pursuing Klebsiella phage research to understand fundamental phage biology, in phages that have the potential to prevent and cure Klebsiella infections. Our research has shown the ability of our Klebsiella phages to prevent catheter-associated biofilms that lead to infections.

Applied microbiology and phage therapy: We have supplied phages for phage crowdsourcing to treat antibiotic-resistant infections in patients who have no other treatment options with compassionate phage therapy.

Phage services offered

The Jameson lab is offering reproducible, standardised tests to investigate phages as targeted bactericidal agents. Also available are optimised phage methods to investigate interactions with other antimicrobials and phage, dose, toxicity gene screening, host-range, robustness and virulence.

Current lab members:

Lucy Gannon - PhD student based at the University of Leicester

Lucy Kelly - MIBTP PhD student

Joshua Box - NERC PhD student

George Muscatt - SynBio DTP

Slawomir Michniewski - Post doctoral researcher

Hoda Bseikri - Master's student

Maria Ababi - PhD student

Zuzana Paleckov√° - PhD student

Past lab members:

Dr Eleanor Townsend