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Dr Frances Pitt



Research Fellow


Life Sciences
University of Warwick
Tel: 024 76 522697

Research Interests

  • Isolation, purification, growth optimisation and genome sequencing of novel Environmental Marine bacteria.
  • Manipulation of Marine Phototroph-phage dynamics within a model system.
  • of key growth experiments where the impacts of changes to environmental variables are monitored both through changes in cell physiology and transcription profiles.
  • Flow cytometric sorting of target cells. Proficient user of the BD FACScan, Influx, BC Moflo and Partec cyflow space.
  • Experienced in Plasmid construction and manipulation. Performing conjugation, transformation and electroporation of constructs into both marine and freshwater cyanobacterial strains.
  • Adaptation of the lambda red-mediated gene deletion system for Synechocystis, resulting in a 10 day turnaround from initial target gene PCR to insertion of the mutant construct into the target strain.
  • 32P Radiotracer uptake analysis, establishing the kinetic parameters for environment to cell nutrient transfer.
  • Adept in high quality RNA recovery from low RNA yielding cells for expression profiling via Real-Time PCR and high throughput sequencing strategies.
  • Establishment of a targeted metatranscritomic sequencing strategy validated in culture using Illuminas HiSeq sequencing technology.
  • Bioinformatic collation and validation of large sequence data sets to establish key trends in both DNA and RNA profiles alongside statistical validation.
  • Expertise in research cruise Logistics, aquatic sampling and mobile lab setup.
  • Oral and poster presentation at international symposia, senior laboratory organiser with 7 years undergraduate/postgraduate teaching experience including completion of the (PGA IAPP) teaching award.


PhD Molecular Microbiology. University of Warwick 2010
MSc (Res) Microbiology. University of Warwick 2006
BSc Microbiology and Virology. University of Warwick 2003

Member, Society for General Microbiology

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Research Themes:

Environmental Bioscience