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Dr John Sidda

Job Title
Research Fellow
Life Sciences
Research Interests

My research involves using analytical chemistry methods to elucidate molecular basis of plant-microbe interactions and to understand the biosynthesis of natural products such as iridoids and non-ribosomally synthesised peptides.

The primary aim of my current research is to use liquid-chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) methods to find small molecule markers for enhanced or reduced susceptibly to plant diseases, with a particular interest in ash dieback.

My other research interests include exploiting the complex machinery in plants, fungi and bacteria to understand how biologically useful molecules are biosynthesised. I have a specific interest in regulation of natural product biosynthetic pathways how these regulatory mechanisms can be utilised to access novel bioactivities.


2015-2016 Post Doctoral Research Associate, King's College London

2011-2015 PhD, Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick

2007-2011 MChem Chemical Biology, University of Warwick

Member of Royal Society of Chemistry, Microbiology Society, American Society of Mass Spectrometrists