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Further Research Projects

Research Projects

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  • Understanding the impact of test system scale (and flow) on degradation rate of CPPs in aquatic systems. Studentship with Syngenta under NERC CENTA DTP Funded by: Syngenta Ltd, Project Start Date 01-10-2018 - Project End Date 31-03-2022
  • PATHWAYS & evolution of pollutants: Interactions between physical controlling effects, microbial community composition and pollutant biodegredation rates with Jonathan Pearson, Hendrik Schaefer, Funded by: NERC, Project Start Date 30-01-2018 - Project End Date 29-01-2021
  • Ecology of fine root endophytes in Australian natice and agrictultural ecosystems Funded by: Australian Research Council, Project Start Date 01-01-2018 - Project End Date 31-12-2020
  • Roots of decline? Assembly and Function of the Rhizosphere Microbiome in Relation to Yield Decline with Graham Teakle, Jay Moore, Funded by: BBSRC, Project Start Date 01-10-2018 - Project End Date 31-10-2019
  • WCPRS with Syngenta - Natasha Baudin Funded by: Syngenta Ltd, Project Start Date 01-10-2015 - Project End Date 30-09-2019
  • Extreme rainfall: Unravelling the importance of new climate-rhizosphere feedbacks across contrasting land use systems Funded by: NERC, Project Start Date 01-02-2017 - Project End Date 30-09-2019
  • Phosphorus cycling in the soil-microbe-plant continuum of agri-ecosystems with Elizabeth Wellington, Jay Moore, Alex Eccles-Jones, David Scanlan, Funded by: BBSRC, Project Start Date 31-12-2014 - Project End Date 31-07-2019
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