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Further Research Projects

Research Projects

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  • VeGIN Tender re-costed budget - link with 57218 that contains the original Tender application with Guy Barker, Rosemary Collier, John Clarkson, Charlotte Allender, Funded by: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Project Start Date 01-02-2018 - Project End Date 31-01-2023
  • Brassica Rapeseed and Vegetable Optimisation (BRAVO) - studies to enhance development and yield Funded by: BBSRC, Project Start Date 01-01-2017 - Project End Date 31-12-2021
  • Biological crop protection: a new 'slow down/speed up' strategy for aphid management with David Chandler, Gillian Prince, Funded by: BBSRC, Project Start Date 01-08-2018 - Project End Date 31-07-2021
  • Roots of decline? Assembly and Function of the Rhizosphere Microbiome in Relation to Yield Decline with Gary Bending, Jay Moore, Funded by: BBSRC, Project Start Date 01-10-2018 - Project End Date 31-10-2019
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