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  • Van Boeckel, Thomas P., Tildesley, Michael J., Linard, Catherine, Halloy, José, Keeling, Matthew James, Gilbert, Marius. 2013, The Nosoi commute : a spatial perspective on the rise of BSL-4 laboratories in cities, arXiv, Working or Discussion paper, View
  • Tildesley, Michael J., Keeling, Matthew James. 2009, Corrigendum to 'Is R-0 a good predictor of final epidemic size: foot-and-mouth disease in the UK': [vol 258, pg 623, 2009]. Journal of Theoretical Biology, Elsevier, pp. 863-863, Journal Item, View
  • Tildesley, Michael J., Savill, Nicholas J., Shaw, Darren J., Deardon, Rob, Brooks, Stephen P., Woolhouse, Mark E. J., Grenfell, Bryan T., Keeling, Matthew James. 2007, Vaccination strategies for foot-and-mouth disease. Nature, Nature Publishing, pp. E12-E13, Journal Item, View
  • Keeling, Matthew James, Tildesley, Michael J., Savill, Nicholas J., Woolhouse, Mark E. J., Shaw, Duncan, Deardon, Rob, Brooks, Stephen P., Grenfell, Bryan T.. 2006, FMD control strategies - Comment. Veterinary Record, B M J Group, pp. 707-708, Journal Item, View

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