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Books and Chapters

  • Leppard, Keith. 2014. Adenoviruses : molecular biology. In: Caplan, Michael J.; (ed.), Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences, Elsevier Inc., View
  • Leppard, Keith. 2008. Adenoviruses: Molecular Biology. In: Mahy, Brian W. J.; Van Regenmortel, Marc H. V.; (ed.), Encyclopedia of Virology, Amsterdam ; London, Elsevier Ltd., pp. 17-23, View
  • Leppard, Keith, Wright, J.. Targeting of PML Proteins and PML Nuclear Bodies by DNA Tumour Viruses. In: Gaston , K.; (ed.), The Small DNA Tumour Viruses, United Kingdom, Caister Academic Press, pp. 257-282, View

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