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  • Jameson, Eleanor, Stephenson, Jason, Jones, Helen J., Millard, Andrew D., Kaster, K., Purdy, Kevin J., Airs, R., Murrell, J. C. (J. Colin), Chen, Yin. 2019. Deltaproteobacteria (Pelobacter) and Methanococcoides are responsible for choline-dependent methanogenesis in a coastal saltmarsh sediment. ISME Journal, 13 (2), pp. 277-289, View
  • Michniewski, Slawomir, Redgwell, Tamsin, Grigonyte, Aurelija, Rihtman, Branko, Aguilo-Ferretjans, Maria, Christie-Oleza, Joseph, Jameson, Eleanor, Scanlan, David J., Millard, Andrew D.. 2019. Riding the wave of genomics to investigate aquatic coliphage diversity and activity. Environmental Microbiology, 21 (6), pp. 2112-2128, View
  • Chen, Yin, Jones, Helen J., Kröber, Eileen, Stephenson, Jason, Mausz, Michaela A., Jameson, Eleanor, Millard, Andrew D., Purdy, Kevin J.. 2019. A new family of uncultivated bacteria involved in methanogenesis from the ubiquitous osmolyte glycine betaine in coastal saltmarsh sediments. Microbiome, 7, View
  • Jameson, Eleanor, Quareshy, Mussa, Chen, Yin. 2018. Methodological considerations for the identification of choline and carnitine-degrading bacteria in the gut. Methods, 149, pp. 42-48, View
  • Jameson, Eleanor, Doxey, Andrew C., Airs, Ruth, Purdy, Kevin J., Murrell, J. C. (J. Colin), Chen, Yin. 2016. Metagenomic data-mining reveals contrasting microbial populations responsible for trimethylamine formation in human gut and marine ecosystems. Microbial Genomics, 2 (9), View
  • Jameson, Eleanor, Fu, Tiantian, Brown, Ian R., Paszkiewicz, Konrad, Purdy, Kevin J., Frank, Stefanie, Chen, Yin. 2015. Anaerobic choline metabolism in microcompartments promotes growth and swarming of Proteus mirabilis. Environmental Microbiology, 18, pp. 2886-2898, View
  • Zhu, Yijun, Jameson, Eleanor, Cosatti, Marialuisa, Schäfer, Hendrik, Rajakumar, Kumar, Bugg, Tim, Chen, Yin. 2014. Carnitine metabolism to trimethylamine by an unusual Rieske-type oxygenase from human microbiota. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111 (11), pp. 4268-4273, View
  • Zhu, Yijun, Jameson, Eleanor, Parslow, Rosemary A., Lidbury, Ian, Fu, Tiantian, Dafforn, Tim, Schäfer, Hendrik, Chen, Yin. 2014. Identification and characterization of trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) demethylase and TMAO permease in Methylocella silvestris BL2. Environmental Microbiology, 16 (10), pp. 3318-3330, View
  • Jameson, Eleanor, Mann, Nicholas H., Joint, Ian, Sambles, Christine, Mühling, Martin. 2011. The diversity of cyanomyovirus populations along a North-South Atlantic Ocean transect. The ISME Journal, 5 (11), pp. 1713-1721, View
  • Jameson, Eleanor, Joint, Ian, Mann, Nicholas H., Muehling, Martin. 2010. Detailed analysis of the microdiversity of Prochlorococcus populations along a north-south Atlantic ocean transect. Environmental Microbiology, Vol.12 (No.1), pp. 156-171, View
  • Jameson, E., Rowe, O. F., Hallberg, K. B., Johnson, D. B.. 2010. Sulfidogenesis and selective precipitation of metals at low pH mediated by Acidithiobacillus spp. and acidophilic sulfate-reducing bacteria. Hydrometallurgy, 104 (3-4), pp. 488-493, View
  • Johnson, D. Barrie, Jameson, E., Rowe, O. F., Wakeman, K., Hallberg, Kevin B.. 2009. Sulfidogenesis at low pH by acidophilic bacteria and its potential for the selective recovery of transition metals from mine waters. Advanced Materials Research, 71-73, pp. 693-696, View
  • Jameson, Eleanor, Joint, Ian, Mann, Nicholas H., Muehling, Martin. 2008. Application of a novel rpoC1-RFLP approach reveals that marine Prochlorococcus populations in the atlantic gyres are composed of greater microdiversity than previously described. Microbial Ecology, Vol.55 (No.1), pp. 141-151, View

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