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  • Amos, Gregory C. A., Borsetto, Chiara, Laskaris, Paris, Krsek, Martin, Berry, Andrew E., Newsham, Kevin K., Calvo-Bado, Leo A., Pearce, David A., Vallin, Carlos, Wellington, E. M. H.. 2015. Designing and implementing an assay for the detection of rare and divergent NRPS and PKS clones in European, Antarctic and Cuban soils. PLoS One, 10 (9), pp. 1-15, View
  • Selama, Okba, Amos, Gregory C. A., Djenane, Zahia, Borsetto, Chiara, Laidi, Rabah Forar, Porter, David, Nateche, Farida, Wellington, E. M. H., Hacà¨ne, Hocine. 2014. Screening for genes coding for putative antitumor compounds, antimicrobial and enzymatic activities from haloalkalitolerant and haloalkaliphilic bacteria strains of Algerian Sahara soils. BioMed Research International, 2014, View

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