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  • Turnbull, Dionne, Wang, Haixia, Breen, Susan, Malec, Marek, Naqvi, Shaista, Yang, Lina, Welsh, Lydia, Hemsley, Piers, Zhendong, Tian, Brunner, Frederic, Gilroy, Eleanor M., Birch, Paul R.J.. 2019. AVR2 targets BSL family members, which act as susceptibility factors to suppress host immunity. Plant Physiology, 180 (1), pp. 571-581, View
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  • Gilroy, Eleanor M., Breen, Susan, Whisson, Stephen C., Squires, Julie, Hein, Ingo, Kaczmarek, Maciej, Turnbull, Dionne, Boevink, Petra C., Lokossou, Anoma, Cano, Liliana M., Morales, Juan, Avrova, Anna O., Pritchard, Leighton, Randall, Eva, Lees, Alison, Govers, Francine, van West, Pieter, Kamoun, Sophien, Vleeshouwers, Vivianne G. A. A., Cooke, David E. L., Birch, Paul R. J.. 2011. Presence/absence, differential expression and sequence polymorphisms between PiAVR2 and PiAVR2-like in Phytophthora infestans determine virulence on R2 plants. New Phytologist, 191 (3), pp. 763-776, View

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