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  • Gorsich, Erin E., Etienne, Rampal S., Medlock, Jan, Beechler, Brianna R., Spaan, Johannie M., Spaan, Robert S., Ezenwa, Vanessa O., Jolles, Anna E.. 2018. Opposite outcomes of coinfection at individual and population scales. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115 (29), pp. 7545-7550, View
  • Schrama, Maarten, Gorsich, Erin E., Hunting, Ellard R., Barmentlo, S. Henrik, Beechler, Brianna, van Bodegom, Peter M.. 2018. Eutrophication and predator presence overrule the effects of temperature on mosquito survival and development. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 12 (3), View
  • Gorsich, Erin E., McKee, Clifton D., Grear, Daniel A., Miller, Ryan S., Portacci, Katie, Lindström, Tom, Webb, Colleen T.. 2018. Model-guided suggestions for targeted surveillance based on cattle shipments in the U.S.. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 150, pp. 52-59, View
  • Beck-Johnson, Lindsay M., Hallman, Clayton, Miller, Ryan S., Portacci, Katie, Gorsich, Erin E., Grear, Daniel A., Hartman, Katherine, Webb, Colleen T.. 2018. Estimating and exploring the proportions of inter- and intrastate cattle shipments in the United States. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 162, pp. 56-66, View
  • Tavalire, Hannah F., Beechler, Brianna R, Buss, Peter E., Gorsich, Erin E., Hoal, Eileen G., le Roex, Nikki, Spaan, Johannie M., van Helden, Paul D., Ezenwa, Vanessa, Jolles, Anna E.. 2018. Context-dependent costs and benefits of tuberculosis resistance traits in a wild mammalian host. Ecology and Evolution, 8 (24), pp. 12712-12726, View
  • Gorsich, Erin E., Luis, Angela D., Buhnerkempe, Michael G., Grear, Daniel A., Portacci, Katie, Miller, Ryan S., Webb, Colleen T.. 2016. Mapping U.S. cattle shipment networks : spatial and temporal patterns of trade communities from 2009 to 2011. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 134, pp. 82-91, View
  • Henrichs, Brian, Oosthuizen, Marinda C., Troskie, Milana, Gorsich, Erin E., Gondhalekar, Carmen, Beechler, Brianna R., Ezenwa, Vanessa O., Jolles, Anna E., Fenton, Andy. 2016. Within guild co-infections influence parasite community membership : a longitudinal study in African Buffalo. Journal of Animal Ecology, 85 (4), pp. 1025-1034, View
  • Gorsich, Erin E., Ezenwa, Vanessa O., Cross, Paul C., Bengis, Roy G., Jolles, Anna E., Fenton, Andrew. 2015. Context-dependent survival, fecundity and predicted population-level consequences of brucellosis in African buffalo. Journal of Animal Ecology, 84 (4), pp. 999-1009, View
  • Beechler, B. R., Manore, C. A., Reininghaus, B., O'Neal, D., Gorsich, Erin E., Ezenwa, V. O., Jolles, A. E.. 2015. Enemies and turncoats : bovine tuberculosis exposes pathogenic potential of Rift Valley fever virus in a common host, African buffalo (Syncerus caffer). Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 282 (1805), View
  • Gorsich, Erin E., Bengis, Roy G., Ezenwa, Vanessa O., Jolles, Anna E.. 2015. Evaluation of the sensitivity and specificity of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for diagnosing brucellosis in African buffalo (Syncerus caffer). Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 51 (1), pp. 9-18, View
  • Gorsich, Erin E., Ezenwa, Vanessa O., Jolles, Anna E.. 2014. Nematode-coccidia parasite co-infections in African buffalo : Epidemiology and associations with host condition and pregnancy. International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife, 3 (2), pp. 124-134, View

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