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Dr Susan Breen

Job Title
Research Fellow
Life Sciences
024 765 22586
Research Interests

My area of interest lies within the intricate interaction of plants and microbes specifically in understanding how these interactions result in susceptibility of plants to pathogenic microbes. Plant pathogen secrete an array of molecules and proteins to influence disease progression however the plant can detect these molecules and proteins initiating an immune response. My previous work has focused on identifying the host targets of essential pathogen proteins in order to understand how the pathogen in modifying or mediating the innate signalling of plants to aid disease progression.

Previously I have worked with necrotrophic and biotrophic fungal pathogens of wheat, and a hemibiotrophic oomycete of tomato and potato. My current project focuses on understanding the role of the chloroplasts in innate immune signalling. Many of the characterised effector proteins from fungal and bacterial pathogens localise to the chloroplasts however their exact role during infections remains unknown.


BSc in Microbiology with Industrial Placement 2008, The University of Aberdeen

Phd 2012, University of Dundee

Member, BSPP, MPMI

Research Theme

Plant and Crop Science