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Professor Yin Chen

Job Title
Life Sciences
024 76528976
Research Interests

Current research in the group focuses on microbial diversity, genetics and biochemistry of microorganisms involved in the metabolism of methylamines, quaternary amines and lipids in human body as well as a variety of terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Our research is currently funded by ERC, Leverhulme Trust, Royal Society and NERC, and BBSRC-/MRC- Doctoral Training Centres.


Professor (2020-)
Reader (2018-2020)
Associate Professor (2015- 2018)
Assistant Professor (2012-2015)
NERC research fellow (2010-2013)
Postdoc research fellow (2008-2010)
PhD (University of Warwick, 2008)
BSc, MSc (Tsinghua University, 2002/2005)
Senior Editor: Microbiome (2016-2020)
Editorial Board: ISME Journal (2018-)
Pool of experts : BBSRC (2016-)
Awardee of Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate awards (2002), NERC Fellowship (2010) and ERC (2017).

Google Scholar Profile


Title Funder Award start Award end
Elucidating the consequences of picocyanobacterial lipid remodelling for global marine primary production estimates. NERC 01 Apr 2021 31 Mar 2024
CENTA Doctoral Training Partnership (led by Birmingham) NERC 01 Oct 2014 30 Sep 2023
Ecophysiology of membrane lipid remodelling in marine bacteria (EcoLipid) European Research Council 01 Apr 2017 31 Mar 2023
SIMbRICS: Sea Ice Microbiology and the Role In Cycling of Sulfur (DMS, DMSP, DMSO, MT) NERC 01 Mar 2019 31 Dec 2022
Newton advanced fellowship - The influence of phosphorus deficiency on the metabolism and function of N cycle-related microbes Royal Society 01 Mar 2018 28 Feb 2022
Is bacterial DMS consumption dependent on methylamines in marine waters? NERC 01 Aug 2018 31 Aug 2021
Biochemical properties and physiological functions of novel glycosyltransferases from marine bacteria Royal Society 31 Mar 2018 30 Sep 2020
Biochemical and structural characterisation of a unique Rieske oxygenase CntA - FULL RPG application Leverhulme Trust 08 May 2017 31 Jul 2020
Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre (WISB) BBSRC 14 Nov 2014 31 May 2020
NOSASSO: N-OSmolytes Across the Surface Southern Ocean: Environmental Drivers and Bioinformatics NERC 01 Feb 2017 31 Jan 2020
Analysing phytoplankton cultures for their specific nitrogen-osmolyte content - Summer studentship for Anya Jacobs supervised by PDRA Michaela Mausz Society for Applied Microbiology 21 Aug 2017 20 Oct 2017
Biogeochemical cycling of N-osmolytes in the surface ocean NERC 01 Oct 2014 30 Sep 2017
Microbial degradation of DMSO in the marine environment NERC 15 Feb 2014 30 Sep 2017
Anaerobic quaternary amine degradation: from single bacterium to salt marsh ecosystem. NERC 01 Oct 2011 30 Sep 2014
Strategic Environmental Science Capital Call NERC 01 Jan 2014 30 Jun 2014
Towards a systematic understanding of aerobic methylated amine metabolism in the ocean NERC 01 Oct 2010 30 Sep 2013
Utilization of methylated amines as alternative nitrogen sources by marine microorganisms Royal Society 01 Nov 2011 31 Oct 2012