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Environmental Bioscience

Meeting the challenges of a dynamic planet

Theme Leads: Kevin Purdy and Gary Bending

Ecology and Evolution

Ecology and Evolution

Genetic diversity, adaptation and interactions between organisms and their environment
Robin Allaby, Charlotte Allender, Rosemary Collier, Erin Gorsich, Murray Grant, Matt Keeling, Andre Pires da Silva, Kevin Purdy, Dave Scanlan, Orkun Soyer, John Walsh, Liz Wellington

Ecologists also in Plant & Crop Science

Environmental Change

Environmental Change

Survival and adaptation in response to change
Gary Bending, Isabelle Carre, Rosemary Collier, Erin Gorsich, Bill Finch-Savage, Miriam Gifford, Rob Lillywhite, Kevin Purdy, Hendrik Schäfer, Brian Thomas, Liz Wellington

Environmental Microbiology

Environmental Microbiology

Understanding how microbes exploit marine and terrestrial environments
Gary Bending, Isabelle Carre, Yin Chen, John Clarkson, Orin Courtenay, Kevin Purdy, Antonia Sagona, Dave Scanlan, Hendrik Schäfer, Patrick Schäfer, Orkun Soyer, Liz Wellington

Microbiologists also in Biomedical Science



Thu 01 Aug '19
Phenom UK 2019

On Monday 22 July, researchers from the University of Sheffield, Rothamsted Research and the University of Nottingham attended a networking …


Wed 07 Aug '19
Communal metabolism by Methylococcaceae and Methylophilaceae is driving rapid aerobic methane oxidation in sediments of a shallow seep near Elba, Italy

Martin Taubert, Carolina Grob, Andrew Crombie, Alexandra M Howat, Oliver J Burns, Miriam Weber, Christian Lott, Anne-Kristin Kaster, John Vo…