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710 Start up and Shutdown

This guide is not meant to be a manual. You may only use this microscope if you've been trained on it.

Starting up the Microscope


Most of the switches are on the left hand side of the microscope

more switches


Start with the Mains Switch ( 1 ) and Systems/PC ( 2 )

Then turn on the PC itself ( right hand side of the microscope )

When Windows is running, switch on Components ( 3 ) and the key switch ( 4 )

Next turn on the Power supply slide2a.jpg

bigswitch Now turn on the well hidden big black switch and turn the key next to it ( 5 & 4 )

slide3aa.jpgFinally flip the small switch ( 7) from ‘idle’ to ‘laser’ and turn the dial ( 8) up until the Red LED comes on then dial it back until it just goes off ( you may need to let it warm up for a few minutes )

Switching off

Clean all the lenses you have used, remove your specimen

Make sure you shut down the PC properly before anything else

Turn off the two key switches and flip the small switch from 'laser' to 'idle'

Allow the lasers to cool for around ten minues then turn off everything else.