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Microscopy - Safe working during the pandemic


The protocol for cleaning is here. If you use a microscope - or other lab equipment you must clean it.

Room capacity

One only person at a time in any of the microscopy rooms. Two people may use MB26. You may not drop in, visit whilst someone is working or enter the lab without booking for any reason.

Only trained users may book microscopes.

There will be no training of new users.

If you need samples imaging but aren’t trained, it may be possible for someone else in your group or in the microscopy team to do the work for you.

Because of the isolated nature of the microscopy rooms you must have a risk assessment for lone working on your project


Booking is now by room rather than instrument. Bookings need to be 48 hours in advance and approved by a manager. If you need one of the small microscopes, email so that we can set it up for you.

There will be a minimum of 30 mins unoccupied gap between bookings, allow time for cleaning and getting your data.

Finish your booking on time, no extensions, no exceptions.

Lab coats

Bring your own lab coat, take your lab coat away with you. If you don’t bring a lab coat you cannot work.

Do not bring bags or outside coats into the lab.

Face coverings

Wear face coverings if you wish, we do not require them. They are not a substitute for good practise and are not PPE.


We don’t insist on gloves. If you want to wear gloves, please do so. Use clean gloves, if you have pipetted, handled chemicals or specimens you must change your gloves.

Calling for assistance

If you have trouble or need advice, use phone or video chat on the tablet provided to ask for support.

Out of hours working

Out of hours working is allowed – providing your research project risk assessment allows you to. The booking, cleaning and occupancy rules still apply.

Lab practise – maintaining hygiene

Follow the checklist on each microscope and remember to sign it.

Pipettors, forceps, fridge and other equipment

Please clean these as soon as you have used them, don’t wait until the end of your session. Clean any drawer handles etc you have touched.

Wash your hands when you enter the room and again when you leave. In C29 ( no sink ) please remember to use hand gel.

Clean the equipment before and after your session.

Work only in the designated areas.

Leave side room doors open when the room is unoccupied.