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Dr Andrew R Bottrill

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Proteomics RTP Manager

Research Technology Platforms

University of Warwick

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The identification and characterisation of proteins and protein complexes is central to the work carried out in my laboratory. managing the University of Warwick Proteomics Research Technology Platform my group uses cutting-edge analytical technologies in pursuing these goals. Our laboratory is equipped with a number of mass spectrometers including Tribrid Orbitrap Fusion (with ETD) and Triple Quadrupoles.

Protein phosphorylation site analysis is an area of increasing speciality within the Proteomics group, underpinning much of the research carried out by the many Cell Signalling groups at the University of Warwick. Strategies typically involve chromatographic separation using HILIC, Cation or Anion Exchange follwed by phosphopeptide enrichment using IMAC or TiO2. The raw power of the Orbitrap Fusion is utilised for phospho site discovery and the specfic scan features (SRM) of the Triple Quadrupole are harnessed for validation.

Together with many colleagues from the School of Life Sciences and Warwick Medical School, I am currently working on a diverse range of proteomics projects.

Subtle changes in protein expression are increasingly key in many of these studies. Quantitative proteomic approaches, both labelled (Silac and iTRAQ) and label-free (SRM and Spectral Counting), are being utilised to elucidate these changes.

Contact us

Lab C115,
School of Life Sciences,
Gibbet Hill Road,
University of Warwick,

Tel: 024 7615 0439


Alex Jones (Director)

Andrew Bottrill (Manager)

Cleidi Zampronio (Senior Technician)

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