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Our Genomics Facility offers a Next Generation Sequencing Service.
We will generate your libraries for you.

We routinely produce libraries using the following kits:

  • Illumina TruSeq DNA
  • Illumina TruSeq RNA
  • Illumina Stranded Total RNA
  • Illumina Nextera DNA
  • Illumina Nextera XT DNA
  • Nugen Ovation Ultralow Library Systems (including Nugen Ovation RNA-Seq System)

We have an Illumina MiSeq platform which provides a flexible approach to Next Generation Sequencing; below are the specifications when used with Illumina version 3 consumables:

Read Length

Total Running Time

Approx Output
2 x 75bp ~24hrs 3Gb
2 x 300bp ~65hrs


Number of Reads  
Single Reads 20M
Paired-End Reads 40M

If your libraries require Illumina HiSeq sequencing, we can manage the out sourcing of this for you.

For any queries please email genomics at warwick dot ac dot uk