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Brassica oleracea EST libraries

Warwick HRI is co-ordinating the public domain B. oleracea EST sequencing programme from the reference A12DHd genotype. Warwick HRI will sequence 15,000+ clones using both T7 and Sp6, AAFC (Dr Andy Sharpe) are contributing a matching number. We intend to generate >= 10 libraries from different tissues + abiotic/biotic stresses. The libraries generated will be available for targeted screening or sequencing in other projects.

To date a total of 22,000 good sequences (both forward and reverse) have been obtained by both Warwick HRI and AAFC Saskatoon and submitted to Genbank. These represent approximately 16000 individual ESTs.

The EST sequences have also been incorporated into the WHRI Ensembl Arabidopsis genome viewer, and will be incorporated into the Brassica views in due course.