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Diversity Fixed Foundation Sets (DFFS)


See for a description of what a DFFS is. An overview of the DFFSs being generated at WHRI can be found in this pdf file. The genetically fixed lines that will comprise these populations will be made available in the public domain when they have been bulked up. These projects are still in the early stages of the fixing process and seed are not currently available.



We are preparing a Defra-funded Brassica oleracea DFFS. This will comprise 4 subsets of 94 lines, with each subset representing the diversity.


C-genome DFFS

We are preparing a Defra-funded Brassica C-genome DFFS.



We are preparing a Brassica napus DFFS as part of the Defra-funded Oilseed Rape Genetic Improvement Network (OREGIN). See the OREGIN website for details.



Dr Graham Teakle