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CODD: In brief

CODD stands for contagious ovine digital dermatitis.

The information and video below will tell you more about how to diagnose and treat CODD.

  • Small, ulcerated areas at the top of the hoof horn that lead to separation of horn down the hoof towards the toe
  • In severe cases the hoof horn falls off
  • The lesion is much bloodier than footrot, but often has a similar odour

In the first year of a CODD outbreak up to 50% of a flock can be affected; this includes both adults and lambs.


See more pictures of CODD.

  • Do not trimtrimming will delay healing
  • Treat all cases with long-acting antibiotic injection and antibiotic spray to all four feet
  • Separate lame sheep
  • Record all sheep that you treat and mark the lame limb with durable spray; cull ewes that require 2 or more treatments in a season
  • CODD is very painful, you may therefore consider giving pain relief medication
  • CODD can be persistent and may sometimes require two doses of antibiotics

CODD can be difficult to get on top of when it first enters a flock, therefore it is worth consulting your vet for advice.

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