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Treatment of rams and teasers

Flock of sheep
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Best practice to control footrot
and scald in sheep

During the year

  • Treat lame rams and teasers immediately as outlined for ewes and lambs

Six weeks before tupping

  • Inspect all feet as part of the general ram/teaser MOT
  • Record rams with bad feet
  • Treat all feet suspected of having footrot / scald as outlined for ewes and lambs
  • Only trim if badly overgrown

At the point of turning out the rams/teasers with the ewes

Check for any lame rams/teasers

If sound:

  • Footbathe
  • Turn ewes & rams/teasers out to ‘clean’ field

If lame:

  • Do not enter the ewe flock
  • Treat as outlined for ewes and lambs
  • Only enter the ewe flock when fully cured

Suffolk rams