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WISER project online questionnaire

Click here t0 take part in the WISER online questionnaire

If you would like to complete this questionnaire in Welsh please contact C dot Minnis at warwick dot ac dot uk.

The WISER project is a two­ year study funded by Defra.

The vast majority of farmed animals are slaughtered in abattoirs and so it has been suggested that abattoirs are potentially a useful place to gather data on health & welfare both in the living animal (ante­mortem) and in the dead animal (post­mortem).

The project aim

The aim of this project is to identify indicators of health & welfare in cattle and sheep that are practical to measure in abattoirs. For the purposes of this project we have defined an animal health & welfare indicator as a reliable and repeatable measure that can be made from visual observation of the animal, its carcass and internal organs that reflects its health & welfare on-farm, at-market or in-transit.These indicators would assess the animal’s health & welfare on-farm, at-market or in-transit to the abattoir.

The project aims to be of benefit to all parties in the livestock industry and we wish to ensure that results obtained are developed by and accepted across the industry. To achieve this we are actively inviting representatives widely across the industry to provide their views.

Your involvement

We have identified a number of health & welfare indicators in cattle and sheep. We now wish to seek opinions from all those involved in the cattle and sheep industries on the usefulness of these indicators using an online questionnaire. Your views will provide hugely valuable data that will directly influence the development of the project and provide insight into how such data could be gathered and used effectively for maximum benefit across the industry.

The questionnaire is voluntary and will take approximately 25 - 35 minutes to complete. All responses will be treated confidentially and are collected anonymously. The study has been reviewed and approved by Defra’s Survey Control Unit and the University of Warwick’s Biomedical and Scientific Research Ethics Committee and Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body. We ask that you complete the questionnaire within four weeks. Further information about the questionnaire is available in our information sheet (PDF Document).

We will report back to all interested parties on progress and may invite you to take part in further discussions if you agree to do so.

Please pass this questionnaire on to anyone you think might be interested in taking part.

Click here to take part in the WISER online questionnaire

For further information, or if you have any comments or queries, please do not hesitate contact us using the details opposite.

We thank you for your help with this questionnaire.

Funded by

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For further information please contact:

Christopher Minnis
Research Assistant
School of Life Sciences
University of Warwick

T: 02476 575862